PCB Assembly

Electronic PCB Assembly Services :
The products that Electronic Integration Inc. manufactures for their customers span across all high technology industries. Our SMT line produces high density, complex fine pitch boards with a wide range of substrates including FR4, Polyimide, PTFE, Flexi-Rigid and metal backed laminates. We consistently achieve a high level of placement accuracy, solder joint integrity and quality.

Electronic Integration Inc. has considerable expertise assembling PCBA’s with BGAs, including single and double sided boards with multiple BGA and uBGAs. We X-Ray and under body inspect all BGAs as a standard practice on all our boards.

We also provide finished goods warehousing, order fulfillment and product distribution for ship-to-stock straight into your inventory or drop-ship directly to the end user.

We can offer you

  • Engineering Support, DFM and DFT
  • Quick-Turn prototypes, low to high volume manufacturing
  • Kitted or Full Turnkey Assemblies
  • No clean and water soluble processing
  • Lead-Free (RoHS) Processes and Parts Available
    • Quotes within 24-48hrs
    • Rigid, Flex, Rigid flex circuit boards
    • Material Management – material procuring and sourcing
    • Thru hole, Smt or Mixed Technologies.
    • single or double sided smt
    • Fine pitch component placement from 0201 to ball grid arrays
    • Chip and Software Programming
    • Xray Analysis, Aoi, visual 45X inspection
    • Electrical In-Circuit and Functional testing
    • Conformal coating and Potting
    • IPC 610 Class II & III
    • J-STD-001
  • BGA and FPGA fine pitch rework & X-ray services
  • Cable and harness Assemblies
    • Customized Product Packaging
    • Fully Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Free Environment

As a value added service to our customers we provide certain modifications to assemblies. Electronic Integration Inc. can add or replace wires and components to an existing assembly. We can do bare board repairs. We can remove replace any components on a pcb.. We also handle any field return or repair. We will provide local pickup and delivery

Information needed for quoting:

  • Total Qty and delivery requirement
  • Assembly Drawing and or schematic with related workmanship standards
  • Bill Of Materials with manufacturers and manufacturer’s part numbers on Excel
  • Gerber file for each paste layer top and bottom(for smt only)
  • Gerber file for each silkscreen layer.
  • Centroid file showing placement data from centroids of components
  • Any special tooling if required by customer.

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Full Electro-mechanical Box builds & Systems Integration

Electronic Integration Inc. provides integration services that support today’s innovation. We work with our customer engineer’s to develope specific processes for sub-systems and systems. We work with standard and custom-designed enclosures.

  • Design and engineering support
  • PCB and PCB assembly
  • Backplane assembly
  • Cable and harness assembly
  • Enclosures
  • Hardware and software Integration
  • Reliability and Functional testing

Information needed for quoting Mechanical Services:

  • IGES Design Files (.igs)
  • Assembly Spec sheets and Instruction
  • Mechanical BOM
  • Sample Box (if available)
  • Estimated build time
  • Quantities
  • Frequency of builds
  • Applicable schedules/Date required
  • Packaging/

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