Paste Application DEK260 with dual camera alignment:

  • SMT Automated Placement by Samsung SM320
  • Full vision with 6 placement heads each with individual cameras allowing 6 totally different components to be aligned on the fly.
  • Placement rates up to 18,500 cph with 1,505 m accuracy and up to 5,500 cph at 1,305 m for QFPs and BGAs. BGA/CSP/uBGA by vision alignment
  • Component handling range from 01005 through 55 mm².
  • Feeder Capacity upto 120 X8 mm feeders
  • Large component library with more than 1800 components types.
  • Maximum PCB size 24″ x 15.75″ (array or single)
  • Intelligent feeders for fast changovers.

Reflow by Vitronics Soltec XPM 820

  • Has 8 heating zones and 2 cooling zones each 12″ long.
  • High volume forced convection @576 m3/hr / 340 cfm
  • Temperature control accuracy +/- 1° C
  • Thru Hole Placement
  • All sizes and lead configurations. Soldering can be done either on our Electrovert Econopak EPK Wave
  • Soldering machine or Kiss-103 Selective soldering machine.
  • Robotic selective soldering (Kiss-103) is significantly superior to hand soldering, resulting in reduced cycle times and consistent quality, especially on boards with significant number of components. Robotic selective soldering is an excellent technology for critical applications and industries that require highly reliable printed circuit board assemblies such as military, defense, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, and security

KNG Nitrogen Generators for selective soldering
Nitrogen reduces the surface tension allowing molten solder to readily break from the solder sites thus reducing shorting or forming icicles on the leads. Nitrogen gives more solder joint reliability for lead free assemblies.


Electronic Integration Inc. has a wide range off inspection tools.
Vision Engineerings Dynascopic Microscopes- The Lynx magnification from 3.5 X 120
Glenbrooks RTX-113 X-ray inspection system for both multilayer, Small hole drilling, backplane boards and BGA’s .
AOi Systems


Aqueous Cleaning System by Aqueous Technologies AQ400


Maestro PCB Separator 4M


Hakko FR14118-01 BGA Rework System for alignment and placement or removal of BGA uBGA, CSP or other surface mount components with repeatable solder reflow profiles.
Placement Accuracy to +/- 0.002″
Board capacity Minimum 2 x 2 inches, maximum 14 x 20″
Remove components upto 1.5″ tall
Component sizes minimum .08″(2.0mm)to maximum 2″(51mm) square.
Handle both grid array and leaded-typed components(BGA, CGA, QFP, LCC, TSOP etc…..)
We have numerous other soldering , desoldering stations as well as component formers.

NOTE: to provide pictures of major equipment