Our SMT Capabilities:

  • Single-sided component populated boards
  • Double-sided component populated boards
  • Single-layer rugged/heavy construction
  • Multi-layer complex and handling sensitive boards
  • Flexible circuit assemblies
  • Low-volume to high-volume manufacturing
  • Fine-pitched QFPs and passives
  • Plastic, tape, and ceramic ball grid arrays (BGA)
  • Chip scale packages
  • Fine-pitched SMT connectors

Surface Mount Assembly

Surface mount technology is the process where the electronic components are assembled by the automated machines directly on the surface of the printed circuit board. This allows for increased manufacturing automation which reduces cost and improves quality. This is the most frequently used technology.

We will review your files to ensure your product is designed for manufacturability, eliminating unnecessary costs in the process.

From layout and material considerations to streamlining test procedures, we focus on reducing cost and improving quality.

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