Surface Mount Assembly

Surface mount technology is the process where the electronic components are assembled by the automated machines directly on the surface of the printed circuit board. This allows for increased manufacturing automation which reduces cost and improves quality. This is the most frequently used technology.

We will review your files to ensure your product is designed for manufacturability, eliminating unnecessary costs in the process.

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Thru-hole PCB Assembly

Through-hole assembly (“thru-hole”), in which electronic components are mounted thru leads. These leasds are inserted into copper plated holes drilled in printed circuit boards (PCB) and soldered to pads on the opposite side either by the manual soldering or waver soldering. Thru hole assembly is time consuming and in turn increases your cost. These assemblies are generally bigger and chunkier but the their solder connections are superior than SMT connections. Military and Aerospace use this technologies since they have to operate IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENT.

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Mixed Technology Assembly

Mixed assembly is usually used in applications that require a combination of through-hole components and SMT components. A mixed technology assembly will have more complex processes in building the assembly for more complex boards. This can be single sided, double sided assembly. Utilizing the most sophisticated surface mount and through-hole equipment, we can assemble a wide variety of PCBs, including SMT, through-hole and mixed technology. We also do BGA rework and X-Ray testing. We can assemble single-sided or double-sided PCBs with surface mount packages.

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Quick turn PCB Assemblies

Electronic II can easily fulfill your quick turn PCB Assembly needs. Whenever you need fast, low-volume or prototype printed circuit board assemblies you can count on us.

  • We have many years of experience producing PCBA prototypes and low-to-mid volume production runs with short lead times. Our customers partner with us because of our ability to meet tight deadlines. Our manufacturing staff have the experience to ensure your PCB is assembled with complete quality control. We promise on time delivery of PCB orders. We guarantee all our work because we are confident on our manufacturing work
  • For prototype PCBs, we have lead times of 24/48 hours after parts are received or 5/10 days. For low-volume production orders, lead times varies from 10, 15 or 20 days. For mid-volume production orders, we offer 2-3 weeks. For larger volumes we can offer split deliveries.


Lead free PCB Assembly

We provide lead-free printed circuit boards assembly services for your applications. Our procurement team ensures that all the components sourced for lead-free assembly are free from hazardous substances.. We use halogen free boards, FR4 materials that are RoHS complaint, high temperature Tg and Td materials, lead free e solder paste in the assembly process.

The boards finish should be either Lead-free Solder Finish (lead-free HASL)or Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)or Immersion Silver Electroplated Nickel and Soft (bondable) and Hard Gold Immersion Tin (White Tin) or Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP).

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Electronic Integration Inc. provides integration services that support today’s innovation. We work with our customer engineer’s to develope specific processes for sub-systems and systems. We work with standard and custom-designed enclosures.

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BGA Assembly:

BGA is an advanced packaging technology in SMT assembly. A Ball Grid Array Integrated Circuit is a surface mount device (SMD) component that possesses no leads. This SMD package employs an array of metal spheres that are made of solder called the solder balls for connections to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

For BGA soldering, the solder balls on the package have a very carefully controlled amount of solder, and when heated in the soldering process, the solder melts. Surface tension causes the molten solder to hold the package in the correct alignment with the circuit board, while the solder cools and solidifies


Rework And Repair Services

For rework and modification, we provide refinishing operations or repair of an electronic printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, usually involving desoldering and re-soldering of surface-mounted electronic components (SMD).

Apart from these, we can also provide rework and reballing services for BGAs that are already in use. Our rework and reballing capabilities include BGA removal and replacement, rework of ceramic and plastic BGAs and reballing of MBGAs. Our rework system comprises of:

  • Component removal
  • Preparing the rework area
  • Solder paste application
  • Replacement of BGA
  • Reflow of circuit board


Fineline Circuits Inc, our sister company, has over 27 years of manufacturing printed circuit boards experience. All process are done in-house at our Feasterville location.

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