PCB Fabrication

Fineline Circuits Inc, our sister company, has over 27 years of manufacturing printed circuit boards experience. All process are done in-house at our Feasterville location.

Technology & Capabilities

  • Same Day quote
  • Quick turn Protos to high volume production
  • 24hr delivery
  • Gerbtool/CAM350 Engineering Software
  • Single-Sided through Multilayer PCB’s up to 16 layer
  • Rigid-Flex PCB’s up to 8 layer
  • Complete selection of laminates(FR4,FR-4 High TG, Polyimdie, PTFE, and flex rigid), copper
  • 16” x 22” largest standard circuit
  • Fineline and high density
  • All surface finishes – HASL, EniG, Imm Ag, Imm Sn, Lead-Free HAL,
  • Score, tab and Rout.
  • Electrical Testing using flying probe testers.
  • Inspection per IPC 600E
  • UL Rating 94V-0, ISO 9001:2000 Compliant, ROHS Compliant
  • Quality Standards IPC-6012 & IPC 600 PCB
  • IPC 610 Class II and III PCB

Information needed for quoting

  • Total Qty and delivery requirement
  • Gerber file for each copper layer
  • Gerber file for each soldermask layer
  • Gerber file for each silkscreen layer.
  • Gerber file for Fabrication drawings with detailed information for Slots, cutouts, and outlines, hole locations with a drill tool list report and fabrication notes.
  • Excellon Format NC Drill File, with embedded drill sizes 2.4 leading

We can accept these files in many formats but our preferred format is RS-274X or Gerber RS-274D with one comprehensive aperture file for all layers.(4 digits after the decimal point.) We build boards to IPC 6012 class 2 standards. If you require Class 3 let that be indicated in your fabrication notes.

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