Program Management

Our Program Manager’s job is to help oversee and coordinate the various projects, and other strategic initiatives within our company.
He is a single point of contact for the customer and has significant say in the operations of an order. He reflects a high level of experience in all stages of manufacturing. His role is hands-on and requires strong leadership and people skills. He is responsible for customer satisfactions and any issues that come up in the production. From the start of a projects his functions are

  • Setting up tools and standards for managing the program;
  • Evaluate customer BOM/AVL & provide a quote
  • Check customer Inventory
  • Strategize component procurement whether domestic or international.
  • Generate customer order Confirmation and enter the order into the system. Generate our digital Job Traveler to manages all aspects of the product build.
  • Track and Expedite orders thru the manufacturing process. Setting and tracking change control procedures if any. This also helps in fine tuning the manufacturing process.
  • Evaluate our process to eliminate waste and Eco implementation
  • Planning, tracking, and reporting on outputs and outcomes
  • Customer Satisfaction Will also constantly update the customer on the status of their jobs especially if there are unexpected delays. Our
  • communication with our customer is always top priority.

  • Cross-project interdependency management
  • Strategic overview and reporting on all programs to senior management

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